Feb 11, 2012

Reds against Devils

Tonight is the night! Manchester United vs Liverpool match is going to be wild.

I'm so excited to display my #25 at Penny Black tonight, and apparently 60 plus Liverpool supporters are going to show up there. Let's see if i can snap some pic of the scene later.


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Okay, so we lost 2-1 :(

But last night B and I experienced the best feeling in the our football life! We watched and cheered along with all the Liverpool supporters in the pub and it felt so empowering! I tried to snap a photo but it was too dark and that photo does not do justice. However, I found a Youtube clip of East of Anfield (that's the name of the Liverpool fan club in Singapore) singing 'You'll never walk alone'. They kept singing to a point i felt like they were chanting :P For those who are interested, here's the clip:

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